Increase your internet speed

    If you are looking to increase your internet speed without any expensive software then you came to right place. I will tell you how to increase your internet speed up to 50%-60 % with few clicks. I have applied this trick to my GPRS dial-up connection and my internet connection speed increased to almost double.
    Here is a guide for getting more out of your internet connection without switching:
    1. First you need to open "Start" then "Run".
    2. Now in "Run" write gpedit.msc

    3. Next navigate to "Administrative Templates" -> "Network" -> "QoS Packet Scheduler"
    4. In "QoS Packet Scheduler" click on "Limit reservable bandwitdh", and select Properties
    5. Now click on "Properties" then make it "Enabled" and set "Bandwidth limit: 0". Click OK and you are done.

Now you should have faster internet already. Hope this tutorial was useful for you.

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