Loop YouTube Videos and Watch Them Again - How to?


    Looped a YouTube video and watch it again and again infinite times. YouTube does not provide a natural, human-friendly way to loop a streaming video. I do like to loop a few videos myself…mostly when I am trying to learn something or a hummable song. So, I usually sit back – pick one of the ways described below – and put the videos in a continuous loop till I switch them off.

You can too. Just try these Websites all once and then pick the one you like.

Endless YouTube


    Endless YouTube allows you to set a YouTube to loop a specific number of times. Plus, with this service you can also loop a part of a YouTube video rather than the entire one. The easiest way to use the site is to alter the YouTube URL in the address bar. For e.g. if you’re watching the The Dark Knight trailer at “” you can watch it endlessly at “ bx2rhzcIVxo" .
    You can also go directly to the site and paste the video ID code in the box provided. You can set the part which you want to loop with the two time boxes.

Infinite Looper

    You can use the handy bookmarklet or just copy-paste the YouTube video URL in the box provided. You can also use the blue slider to a point in the video to loop only that section. This web service is among the simplest to use.



    PlayerTubez comes with a stylish interface. The site is ‘specialized’ for YouTube playlists. Of course, you can use it to play single videos too. You can enter a user’s name and get all his hosted videos as a playlist. The web app has quite a few controls like a feature to play the highest quality video first and to hide the unplayable videos from the playlist. All the remaining default features of YouTube are also available. You can search for videos from here and also connect to the video page on YouTube.



    Take a YouTube URL, paste it into the box and hit Replay. The video keeps on looping till you shut it off. You can also try the links to the two looping ideas given on the site which turn your monitor into a fireplace and an aquarium.

YouTube Repeater


    The site looks a bit crowded, but you don’t have to visit the site to use its YouTube looping tool. You simply insert ‘repeater’ between ‘youtube’ and ‘.com’ then press Enter. Your video starts playing in a loop. You can also loop a portion of a video by fixing the start and end points. Launch the mini-player if you want the looping video to play in unobtrusively in the background.

Loop YouTube Videos with Chrome Extensions

SmartVideo for YouTube


    The Chrome extension’s primary purpose is to improve YouTube play by controlling the way it is buffered. You can set your preferences so that the extension’s ‘smart buffer’ kicks in. One of the features included is that you can set videos to loop. This extension supports embedded HTML5 videos as well as YouTube videos.

YouTube Looper


    This Chrome extension for YouTube adds a simple ‘Loop this’ button to on the YouTube toolbar. Click on the button to make the videos play continuously.

Loop YouTube Videos with Firefox Add-ons

YouTube Auto Replay


    Hit the Replay button to loop the entire video or specify the time to watch a section of it in a continuous loop. This Firefox add-on helps you to loop a YouTube video without a hassle.
    Do this web services, extensions, and add-ons seem like overkill for what is a simple task? Well, you could always use your mouse to replay the video again and again. But ask anyone who likes to watch an instructional video or a specific part of it again and again, and he will disagree. So, tell us if you can make use of these tools to loop YouTube videos.

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