Refresh page automatically with Firefox browser - How to?

    Today, I am going to share a cool Firefox addon which refreshes the page automatically. Download this addon from the Firefox Addon page. With this addon Set Up Automatic Timed Page Reloading on Your Webpages in Firefox.

How to use this addon:

    Once the Firefox addon is installed make sure it is enabled (see image above).
    The go to the website you want to reload automatically.
    Now right click on the page and a menu pop up. Here a new option is included which is Reload Every.
    Move the mouse over Reload Every and it allow you to go ahead and select the exact amount of time you want the page to be reloaded.

    As you can see in the image above it allowed me to set the reload time from every 5 seconds to up to 15 minutes.

Hope you like this Firefox Addon and let me know if you know about any similar ones.

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