Search Files On Any Filesharing Server

    Finding a file hosted on a particular filehosting site like rapidshare,mediafire,megaupload,depositfiles or any other filehosting site can be difficult job.But now it is possible to find almost anything on any of these filehosting sites.All you need to do is just enter the name of the file,movie,game,software and press enter and most probably you will get the file.Moreover you will also have the option to find the file on a particular filehosting like mediafire or rapidshare or whichever you prefer.
    I would like to keep this tutorial very short and we will be finding winrar on mediafire in this tutorial.

    Here is the tutorial on How To Search Files On Any Filesharing Server

1. Goto filestube.com.

2. Enter the name of the file you want(In this case winrar) .

3. Click on More in the left side .

4.Select mediafire.Now you will get all files on mediafire.

5. Click on the link that is most appropriate.

6. Now click on download to go to the mediafire server for downloading.


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