Check Username Availability on More than 80 Websites

    With wide explosion in the reach-ability of Internet, the numbers of user has increased exponentially and so the number of websites.If you are an Internet freak and has been already registered on popular website you might know how difficult it is to find a common username for all websites. You can find user name available in one website but on another it may be already taken. This results in remembering different usernames for different websites (or in making of a spreadsheet to keep record).
    Now you can troubleshoot this problem by checking availability of username on most popular 80 websites simultaneously.
    Will our Next Generation be able to make their Online accounts due to username availability??
    NameChk is free online tool that helps you to check username availability on various sites.

Check Username Availability on More than 80 sites:

  • Go to NameChk website.
  • In the text field type the username that you want to set and click on CHK button.
  • Now the list will be displayed on which site the username is available and taken.
    This tool is very helpful for those who often make their accounts online for promoting their brand or website.

Alternative Sites:

    You can also use these websites as an alternative to Namechk.

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