Google added a New Feature to Navigation Bar : Google Play

    Earlier it was called Android Market. Google Play was launched again in this month to let Google sell its content not only to Android owners but to anyone. Apart from Android apps, Google Play apps run on number of devices.
    In Android market users were only allowed to access Android Apps (outside US) but now Google has expanded its android marketplace which now includes Android Apps, ebooks, movies, as well as music. All these services are divided in four categories respective to their types. To create more awareness about this service Google has embedded Google Play in the Top Black Navigation Bar.

    Navigation Bar appears while surfing any of the Google services like Google+, Orkut, Gmail etc just below the browser address bar. Now a new Play button is appearing in the navigation bar which redirects you on the Google Play store. Along with adding Play button in the navigation bar Google has also shifted Calendar and Documents into More button which encapsulates all lower-priority services like Google Fianace, Google Videos etc.
    Rumors are that Google Play in foreseeable future it will become the important part of Google.It importance can be understood from its precence in homepage of Google even-though it is of no use for PC users. This store is also expected to sell movies soon.
    In upcoming time Google Play will give stiff competition to most popular online retailers like Amazon, iTunes etc.

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