Protect USB devices from Virus Infected Computers : USB Protector

    Free Download USB Protector and be safe on virus infected computers. Actually USB protector is a software which protect your USB devices from all malware infected/virus infected computers. It’s not an antivirus, but it protects the usb drive by writing a dummy file which takes all space and leaves no free memory for virus to write into it.

Key Feature:

    This utility makes sure that no virus enters your pen drive without your permission.

How to use USB protector:

  • Copy the software into your USB drive.
  • Execute the file from USB in a virus free environment. [for eg, your PC.]
  • It will create dummy files and takes all free space in your drive.
  • Put the usb drive in any virus infected PC’s and your drive will not be nfected.


  • This utility is helpful only if you want to read data from USB.
  • Doesn’t work if more than 4GB free space is available on FAT drive.
    Click Here to Download USB protector [Size 4.1KB]
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