Track your E-mails : Get Notified when they are Read

    This tutorial will teach you, how you can find out whether your email has been read by the recipient or not. The best part of this trick is you don’t need to download any software to perform this web trick. This tricks works with your existing email account whether it is on Google, yahoo or any other provider. You get a detailed report about your sent email not only that you can also self-destruct (delete) the sent email after a particular time or days using this tricks.

The details given back to you after applying this trick is as follow:

    ■ Date and time opened
    ■ Location of recipient (as per their ISP city)
    ■ location on Map(available on paid subscriptions)
    ■ Recipients IP address
    ■ URL clicks (if any links are included in the body)
    ■ How long the email was read for.
    ■ How many times your email was opened.
    ■ If your email was forwarded, or opened on a different computer

How this PC Tricks works?

    The concept of this web trick is to add an external link in the email message. When the recipient opens your email, the tracking link (image) will be automatically activated (downloaded) triggering the “email opened” alert.

Requirements For this web trick:

    Both you and the recipient must use an HTML-formatted email, not a plain-text or rich-text formatted email. In this Trick i am going to give you two free site url that provides this service free.
    1. SpyPng (free service)
    Just visit SpyPig enter the email details and spypig will generate the corresponding image for you. now you just need to copy it and paste in the message body. But before doing this you need to compose your mail first and keep it opened.
    2.Getnotify (free Service)
    Thats all you have to done for this Trick. For more interesting tricks continue visit on this sites.

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