Color Code Generator

The two tools below will help you get the six digit color code i.e hexadecimal value. These tools will help you a lot in customizing your Blogger templates and for writing more appealing posts. Kindly Follow the instructions for each tool before using it.

Color Code Generator:

  • First drag the bar on the "Hue" selector to the area of your desired colour palate.
  • Then click inside the Brightness/Saturation area and drag the cursor until you have achieved your desired colour. The "Swatch" bar shows you the final colour result.
  • The hexadecimal colour code is generated in the "Hex" box. Simply copy the six digit code i.e #000000
  • That’s it!

Color Wheel For Choosing Matching Palate Colors:

    This is a pretty useful tool to achieve matching or cohesive colours for navigation menu, background, hyperlinks, header etc.
  • Simply paste the six digit colour code in the form below without the hash (#) sign and then hit Update
  • The matching colour codes will appear inside the four boxes at the right side.
  • You can then copy the hex values and start using them!

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